“Mi gerddaf gyda thi” Spalted beech Bowl


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Hand made wood turned  bowl with the last verse of a famous Welsh wedding poem etched on edge of bowl. Inlayed with  thread. You can choose your own coloured thread. The bowl  is made from Spalted beech wood.

“Mi gerddaf gyda thi drwy weddill f’oes,

pan fydd yr haul ar fryn neu’r dyddiau’n groes;

a phan ddaw’r alwad draw, pwy wyr pa awr,

mi gerddaf gyda thi i’r freuddwyd fawr.”


I will walk with you all the years ahead,

on sunlit hills and when the sun has fled;

and when our call is heard, it’s hour unguessed,

I will walk with you through the land of rest.

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alga, aqua, colbalt blue, dark green, dark red, gold, grey, midnight, orchid, pink, plum, rasberry, saffron, violet, berry, Black, Blue, bronze, Brown, cherry, dark blue, Dark Grey, dark teal, dusky pink, Green, hay, jade green, Lilac, mauve, mustard, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Rose Pink, royal blue, silver, Slate Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow