Manifesto Bowls


Hand made wood turned bowls that are laser etched with T h Parry Williams poem ‘hon’ repeated onto the surface of the wood.



Manifesto Bowls
The inspiration for these bowls came from reading a poem by a famous Welsh poet, TH Parry Williams, ‘Hon’. I can relate to the poet’s feelings about Wales, as he begins feeling dissatisfied with his surroundings, and wants to escape, therefore he takes a walk around Snowdonia, and starts to appreciate his surroundings. A sudden sickness overcomes him as he realizes he can’t ever escape who he is or where he’s from as it’s an innate part of him.
The bowls demonstrate how I have come full circle returning to Wales after 5 years away, and how I cannot escape my Welsh roots. I represent this by using repetition of the final couplet of T H Parry Williams’ poem ‘Hon’ in two bowls that go round and round down into the core of the bowls: “…and I feel the clutches of Wales gripping my chest. God forbid, I cannot escape from here.”
The rich red of the Sapele bowl symbolises my Welsh background and the contrasting plain ash bowl symbolises myself. The two bowls sit comfortably on top of each other, as they form one bowl. They represent my work as being whole and complete with my Welsh heritage supporting my practice.

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