First and foremost I am a maker. I enjoy creating beautiful and decorative objects which are often inspired by my surroundings on a small farm in North Wales which is located a stone throw away from Hell’s mouth beach.

My first language is Welsh, and I often incorporate language and poetry into my work through laser etching onto the wood.

During my time in Manchester studying 3d Design and MA Design at Manchester school of art, I discovered how strongly my Welsh background inspired my work, and how woodwork forms a part of my identity. I’m  the fourth generation within my family to take up wood work and the only female. Although I explored other materials and inspirations during my time at university, it was Wales and wood that the focus of my work often returned to.

 Farming is also an important element which influences my work, I take inspiration from rope tying’s which are interpreted strongly within my products through binding coloured thread and inlaying them into the wood.

A lot of my work is created from reclaimed timber or my own off cuts from other projects and later turned into beautiful objects with a purpose and meaning once more. Nothing goes to waste in the process of making, with the wood shavings being re used under the chickens on the farm. Each item is unique and has a story to tell, make sure you read each item’s product description to learn about their story and inspirations.

My work is simple,contemporary, tactile and decorative. I aim to celebrate the natural beauty of wood through simple forms, and adding a hint of colour to attract the eye and make wood look feminine and fun.

My business started off in my parents garage, and has since grown. Me and my Dad built a shed for a new workshop in 2018, and salvaged as many materials as possible such as doors and windows for the build. It is now fully functional and an amazing space to work in.