Terms and Conditions and Care Instructions


Miriam Jones should be informed of any damage to goods via email 3 days after the goods are dispatched.

No changes will be made to the goods which have been damaged or misused. The goods are made to order.

If the order is cancelled, it’s the buyers’ responsibility for losses incurred. The prices are correct for distribution. Every effort will be made to produce the goods on time / within the time allowed. Miriam Jones will not take any responsibility over delays to orders due to injury, illness, weather, broken equipment or distribution problems occurred by suppliers.

The utensils must not be put in the dishwasher, hand washing only. Wood is a ‘living’ material, to prolong the quality of the product it is suggested to treat the utensils with poppy seed oil, as it is food safe, edible and will help to increase the life of the product. Over time the wire will wear the more it’s handled, and the copper may appear underneath the coating. This is part of the process of the utensils, as the wood will also get marks and scratches with use, I’m interested in how the utensils age with more use over time, and the changes the materials encounter. Not microwavable.

The necklace is hand made. Over time the thread may loosen a little and fray and the colour may fade, and the cotton may become distressed or start to fray, it is part of the aging process of the materials. Wood is a living material and will react to the environment, store the necklace in a cool dry place. Be careful not to drop the necklace as the wood may dent, any misuse will result in damages. To protect the wood, it is suggested to use wood wax to polish the surface.

The bowls have been treated with wax and it is advisable to continue treating them with wax for protection. The thread may loosen and fray over time. If misused or dropped the wood may dent. Dust will collect on them therefore general maintenance is advisable. The wood is a living material therefore it may warp or small cracks may appear due to it responding to the environment such as moisture, heat etc.

The pots have been treated with wood wax, to prolong it’s life and quality it is advised to continue to treat it with wax. Over time the colour of the thread may fade, become loose or wear. Wood is a ‘living’ material and will react to the environment around, it is suggested to store in a cool dry place.


The wood has been treated with wood wax and there is a safeguard of slate beneath the tealight for added safety to avoid burning the wood. The thread may become loose over time. Never leave the tealight unattended when lit. Be conscious of where you place your tealight holder to avoid fire risks. Allow the tealight to fully cool before handling. Keep away from small children.


Each item is handmade. Wood is a living material and will react to the environment. To prolong its quality, it is suggested to use wax to protect its surface, wax can also be used for the silver. Over time the wire may become loose due to handling or the colour may fade, any misuse of the product will result in breakage.It is suggested you store the jewellery in its original packaging. Not suitable for children.



To fulfil orders, customers will need to provide Miriam Jones with name, email address, postal address and payment information, and details of your order in order to perform the service provided successfully.

The information will be stored on digital format on our secure site and only processed by persons authorised to do so. Please inform us promptly if you have any concerns relating to the above. Once the data is no longer required it will be deleted/destroyed immediately and securely.

Miriam Jones engages with certain trusted third parties to perform functions and services such as Royal Mail, your information will only be shared to fulfil orders and deliveries.

Information may need to be shared in the event of compliance with laws such as in response to legal processes or government requests, prevention of fraud, security or technical issues etc.

Customers have the right to access copy of personal information Miriam Jones has as well as have the right to request to change, restrict the use or delete their personal information through contacting Miriam Jones.