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Mis Mawrth prysur o fy mlaen / Busy March ahead..

Mae wedi bod yn gyfnod prysur yn ddiweddar..gyda archebion personol ar gyfer achlysuron amrywiol megis penblwyddi a priodasau…dyma i chi gip olwg ar rhai ohonynt oedd yn mynd allan yn y post ag ati wythnos yma…

It has been a busy few weeks recently with a lot of personalised gifts for various occassions such as birthdays and is a sneaky peek at some that went out to be delivered this week…

Dwi hefyd gyda 2 archeb tlysau go fawr iw gwneud…edrych ymlaen i gael cychwyn ar rhain yn fuan..dipyn o dorri a mesur i wneud yn gyntaf.. bydden nhw rhywbeth tebyg o ran steil i rhain..

I also have two big trophy commissions to do and looking forward to starting them soon. lot of cutting and measuring to do this week..

Mis yma hefyd byddaf yn cychwyn ar gwrs turnio drwy “The worshipful Company of woodturners”. Derbyniais Bursery dechra 2019 i ddatblygu fy sgiliau turnio a byddaf yn cychwyn ar y cwrs “Certificate in woodturning” penwythnos yma yn Bristol ag yn ymweld ar Bursary yn Llundain mewn pythefnos. Dwi hefyd yn troi yn 30 mis yma..fu rhaid fi ffitio fewn amsar am gacan a dathlu yn rhywle!!

This weekend I will be starting Certificate in Woodturning Course down in Bristol as part of the Bursary I recieved back in 2019 by the Worshipful Company of Woodturners to develop my craft. Really looking forward to start this and to go for a meeting in London in two weeks time to show my work. As well as turning 30 this month I must squeeze in some time for birthday celebrations too!

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Cariad Pur sydd fel y dur yn para tra bo dau../ love so pure, it will endure, while our two hearts remain


Mae genai ddipyn o bowlenni erbyn meddwl gyda penillion reit rhamantus a chariadus. Dyma un engraifft- gyda ‘Tra bo dau’ wedi ei ysgythru ar ymyl y bowlen… syniad anrheg perffaith ar gyfer achlysur arbennig, dathliad neu anrheg Sant Ffolant!

I have quite a few bowls with romantic or loving poetry on them. Here is one example- a bowl that can be etched in Welsh or English-   perfect gift idea for a special occasion, celebration or Valentines gift!

Our rich years might fade and beauty may wither and wane;

but with our love so pure, it will endure while our two hearts remain.

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Ychydig bach o gariad i godi’r galon /a little bit of love to lift your spirits.

Foru mae hi’n ddiwrnod Santes Dwynwen. Os am syniadau unigryw am anrhegion cariadus mae Sêl Genwaith dal ar y wefan!

Dyma lluniau o rhai o’r cynnyrch fuasai yn gwneud anrheg perffaith.

powlen gyda ‘cariad’ ar yr ymyl

powlen ‘mi gerddaf gyda thi’

gemwaith- i gyd ar Sêl!

A postio am ddim! ewch amdani!


Tomorrow it’s Wales day of love ‘diwrnod Santes Dwynwen’.

For gift ideas for your loved ones for any occassion..bearing in mind Valentines day will be upon us very soon!

The Jewellery sale is still on the website. with some items starting from £14!

Here are some examples of unique gift ideas on the website…

‘Cariad’ bowls with love lasered on the edge.

‘ill walk with you all the years ahead” bowl

and tealight holders from £10 in your own choice of colour.

All free post! go for it!!

#gifts #special #occasion #lovedones #love #cariad #cymraeg #anrhegion #rhamantus #romance

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Exhibiting work at The Platform Gallery, Clitheroe -opens 20/1/2020


Back in October 2019 I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in Platform Gallery’s ‘form and function’ exhibition.

I was given this as a award during the Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair.  The expression on my face when they presented the award says it all!

I was gobsmacked and really excited and happy to have been chosen.

Here is a sneaky peek at just one of the items that will be on display during this exhibition.

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Preparing Christmas stock and which shows can you find me for gifts before Christmas / Paratoi stoc Nadolig a pa sioeau gallwch brynu anrhegion dolig gynai leni

This year I’m taking part for the first time at ‘Craft in the Pen’ Skipton, November 16-17th. Very much looking forward to it.

I’m also at Portmeirion Christmas fair 6-8th of December.

Come and buy some handmade unique gifts for Christmas!

Eleni rwyf yn cymeryd rhan am y tro cyntaf mewn sioe Nadolig yn Skipton ‘Craft in the Pen’ rhwng 16-17 o Dachwedd.

Byddaf hefyd yn Ffair gwyl fwyd a Chrefft Portmeirion Rhagfyr 6-8ed.

Dewch i brynu anrhegion unigryw wedi ei wneud a llaw ar gyfer y Nadolig!

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Busy week finishing commissions and making stock for Christmas / wythnos brysur yn gorffen comisiynau a creu stoc Nadolig

This week I have been working with my good friend Imogen who is a Silversmith turning Sapele domes for her silver candelabras.

Wythnos ym rwyf wedi bod yn gweithio gyda Imogen fy ffrind drwy durnio gwylodion pren ar gyfer ei canwyllbrenau arian.

I have also had a couple of special commissions which has been really lovely.

Rwyf hefyd wedi bod yn gweithio ar ambell i gomisiwn arbennig.

I have been turning some stock for my next show ‘Craft in the Pen’ Skipton. Never done this one before and very excited to be taking part. Its held in a cattle shed so I will feel right at home! this will be on the weekend 16-17th of November.

Rwyf wedi bod yn turnio stoc ar gyfer fy sioe nesaf sef ‘Craft in the Pen’ Skipton. Tro cyntaf imi wneud y sioe yma ag yn edrych ymlaen iddo. Bydd y sioe dros penwythnos 16-17 o Dachwedd.

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looking back over Commissions created in 2019. Personalised gifts such as weddings, retirement gifts and trophies.

I really enjoy doing commissions for special occasions.  I have had very interesting jobs this year varying from trophies, to Welsh wedding gifts to retirement gifts.

Weddings- I get many interesting wedding commissions where I discuss with the customer what they would like written on the bowls. Some like to have the name of the bride and groom and date on the bowls, others like to have part of a poem and then the bride and groom’s names and date, and others like to have just a poem on the bowls with the name of bride and groom and date underneath the bowl.

I then will create a mock up of their requests similar to this image below.

I will also send images of bowls I have in stock in the customer’s price range, and type or wood colour.

These are only some of the bowls I have created this year…with thread colours chosen to go with the wedding’s colours, bridal colours, or their homes etc.

These are some lovely bowls I have made as retirement gifts for teachers in Secondary School in my local area, with the schools poem etched on the rim of the bowl.

These are examples of the trophies I have made this year. Sheepdog trials and A level college trophies to reward excellence.

If you have any special occasions coming up or weddings or events do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.



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Sioeau 2019 a datblygiadau cyffroes../ 2019 shows and exciting developments..

This year has been very busy. Over the past two years I have been doing a Pgce course and completed it in June.

I was fortunate to win a bursary off The Worshipful Company of Woodturners which allows me to develop my skills in woodturning through tuition with Les Symonds.

This has been a brilliant experience and given me the fire in my belly to develop new ideas and push my skills in woodturning and refine.

I’m currently preparing for my upcoming shows starting with The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in October 10th- 13th.

I will also be taking part in a new show this year ‘ Craft in the Pen’ Skipton 15th- 17th of November.

I also will have work at Oriel Ty Meirion for their upcoming exhibition ‘Fairytale and Folklore’ that runs from end of October to January. I will have a selection of bowls with old Welsh poetry about folk singing, reciting, and poetry.

I have started to develop a new product range in milking stools which are now up on the website. You can choose your own wood type and colours for these. You can check these out here-

I also have updated my colour chart, and have new colours for the multi thread vases.