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Diolch i bawb a ddaeth draw i fy stondin yn Gwyl Fwyd Caernarfon! ?

Diolch i chi gyd a ddaeth draw i fy stondin Dydd Sadwrn yn gardd Palas Print a Lotti a wren. Cefais ddiwrnod llwyddiannus iawn ag wedi joio sgwrsho efo hwn a llall a dod i nabod Katie Mai, Lora Wyn a Sara Lois fy ngyd-grefftwyr yn yr ardd!

Mi fyddai wedi diweddaru fy ngwefan yn fuan iawn efo’r stoc newydd o bowlenni.

Hefyd mi fydd fy ngwaith yn cael ei arddangos yn Galeri Caernarfon o’r 22 o Fai ymlaen hyd nes Gorffennaf yn yr arddangosfa “Cywrain”. Ewch draw iw gweld os ydych yn yr ardal! 

Thank you to everyone who came to visit my stall at Caernarfon Food Festival this weekend. I had a very successful weekend and enjoyed myself very much.

I shall be updating my website soon with new bowls and also setting up my work for a new exhibition at GALERI Caernarfon staring on 22nd of May until July.

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throwback thursday

here’s a throwback for you! 8 years to be exact! a sketch I did of my old goalie gloves during my foundation course. These gloves got a bit of a battering during our matches..went through multiple pairs! Coach always hoped I would grow when I was younger…but I’m still only 5″2. Gutted I don’t sketch like this these days, it’s mainly a doodle to get ideas down on paper quick these days!

Mynd a chi yn ol 8 mlynedd efo’r llun yma, i’r dyddia lle oni yn chwara pel droed yn rheolaidd ag ar gwrs sylfaen Celf. Roedd y menig yn ei chael hi yn ystod y gemau, ag dwi shwr eshi drwy dwshina ohonynt hefyd. Roedd rheolwr y tim yn gobeithio fyswn i tyfu mwy pan yn fengach, ond dwi dal yn 5″2. Bechod fy mod i ddim yn arlunio fel hyn dyddia yma, llun sydyn i rhoi syniad lawr ar bapur ydi hi bellach.

#throwbackthursday #sketch#old #gloves #stillcantreachcrossbar #retiredbynow 

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siarad ar Radio Cymru bora ma/speaking on Radio Cymru this morning

wedi bod yn siarad ar Radio Cymru bora ma gyda Sian Cothi am fy ngwaith. Oni reit nerfus i ddechra ond mi ddois i yn iawn wedyn.

I’ve been speaking live on Radio Cymru this morning about my work. I was slightly nervous to begin with but settled towards the middle of the conversation.

wedi holl brysurdeb diwrnod Santes Dwynwen a Dydd Sant Ffolant ma genai waith stocio fynny y powlenni ar y wefan bellach! mae’r pentwr yma yn aros amdanai yn y gweithdy ag byddent i fynny ar y wefan yn fuan. os hoffech rhywbeth tebyg i’r powlenni sydd wedi  ei gwerthu ar y wefan yn barod, gyrrwch neges atai a dwi shwr y bydd genai ddarn unigryw o bren yn fy ngweithdy yn barod ar eich cyfer!

After the rush of orders for Valentines and St Dwynwen (Welsh valentines day) I now have a lot of restocking some bowls on my website! This pile of wood is waiting for me in the workshop and will hopefully be up on the website soon. If you would like to order something similar to those of the bowls that have already been sold on the website, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I’m sure i can find a special and unique piece of wood in my workshop for your orders.

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Syniadau ar gyfer anrhegion Santes Dwynwen a Sant Ffolant/ Gift ideas for ‘Santes Dwynwen’ and ‘Valentines day’

Dyma rhai o ddarnau newydd sydd wedi ei cyrraedd y wefan heno. Ewch draw i edrych arnynt yn iawn yn yr adran ‘Powlenni’ ar y wefan! Neu mae croeso i chi gysylltu a mi i drafod comisiwn arbennig a phersonol.

Mi gerddaf gyda thi”

cariad pur syd fel y dur”

rhodio’i heddwch wrthyf f’hun”


Few new items uploaded to the website tonight. Go over to the ‘Bowls’ section on the Website to have a closer look! Or you are more than welcome to email me ideas of personal messages for your loved ones. 

I’ll walk with you all the years ahead”

While there are two”

I’ll walk in peace on my own, or with another soul”

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Edrych yn ol ar waith gradd /looking back on uni work #throwbackthursday

Wythnos yma dwi wedi bod yn helpu myfyrwyr  Coleg Meirion Dwyfor lle dwi’n gweithio fel technegydd rhan amser i greu llwyau metal. 

This week I have been assisting Coleg Meirion Dwyfor Students with their metal work. I work part time at the college and their project this week was to create a metal spoon.

Es i a rhain a wnes i yn fy ail flwyddyn ar cwrs gradd 3d design i ddangos iddynt fel engraifft.

  took the spoons I created in my second year of the 3D Design course to show as an example for them.

Mae’n rhyfedd edrych yn ol, gan mai bryd hynny doedd genai fawr ddim diddordeb mewn gwaith pren , a metal oedd pob dim.

It’s odd looking back at these spoons; at the time I didn’t have much interest in wood work and focused a lot more on metalwork.

 Rhyfedd sut mae pethau yn troi allan, ag hefyd sut bod elfenau o’r gwaith metal yma – sef y lapio weiren denau brass fel addurn wedi treuddio drwadd i’r gwaith dwi’n ei greu heddiw; edau lliw sydd bellach yn cael ei lapio fel addurn ar fy ngwaith.

It’s odd how things turn out, and also how some elements from these metal spoons have continued into my curret work; such as the binding of the brass wire on the larger spoon to add a decorative element. I now do this in my current work through binding coloured thread around the wood as a decorative element.

Mae’r ddau lwy yma wedi eu ysbrydoli gan symboliaeth llwyau caru Cymreig. Gwelir ddelwedd o dyfiant i symboleiddio ‘bod ein cariad yn tyfu’ ar ddau lwy yn eistedd efo’i gilydd i greu’r symboliaeth ‘ni’n dau yn dod yn un’.

Ella gai gyfle yn y dyfodol i gyfuno y sgiliau metal efo’r turnio pren! Aros a gweld fydd rhaid am y tro!

Gwelir isod mwy o lwyau a wnes yn ystod fy ngradd yn y flwyddyn olaf..gwelir y gwaith turnio yn dechra cael ei gynnwys efo’r gwaith metal. Adeg yma oni yn dechra disgyn mewn cariad gyda turnio yn awyddus i ddysgu mwy.

Both these spoons have been inspired by the symbolism behind traditional Welsh love spoons. The imagery of growth symbolises that ‘our love is growing’ while the two spoon sit and fit together to symbolise ‘ we two become one’. 

Maybe in the future I’ll get a chance to revisit some of these metalworking skills to combine with my woodturning work. Wait and see! 

Pictured below are some more spoons I made during my final year of my degree. Woodturning is slowly being introduced with the metal work here. My love for woodturning was starting to grow here and I was eager to learn more.

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Arddangosfa ‘Gwaddol’ Plas Glyn y Weddw 28/01/17 /’Imprint’exhibition Plas Glyn y Weddw 28/01/17

hynod o gyffroes i gael bod yn rhan o’r arddangosfa yma! Dyma cwpwl o ddarnau a fydd yn rhan o’r arddangosfa gynai. Gwaith newydd spon wedi ei greu o bren ‘tulip’ gyda gwlan lliw wedi ei wehyddu fel addurn o amgylch y potiau. 

credaf fod y potiau yn edrych reit ddiddorol cyn iddynt gael eu gwehyddu hefyd. Daw’r ysbrydoliaeth drwy edrych ar peniau metal crwn dal seilej defaid a gwartheg. Cefais syniad o feddwl tybed fuasai rhoi ‘dowels’ pren o amgylch powlen fuasai modd gwehyddu gwlan i greu addurn. Mae’r canlyniadau yn well nag oni ddisgwl ag hefyd yn talu gwrogaeth i waith fy ngyn athrawes gelf Elin Huws, lle mai hi yn creu gwaith celf wedi ei wehyddu yn fanwl.

Very excited to be part of this exhibition. here are a couple of pieces that I will be showcasing. Brand new work! made from ‘tulip wood and weaved with coloured wool. I also think they look very interesting before being weaved too.They are inspired by cattle and sheep round metal feeding pens. I looked out one day on our field and looked at the form of it and it gave me an idea of a new method -to weave wool inbetween dowels.I’m extremely pleased with the results and it also pays homage to my former art teacher Elin Huws work, who focuses her art work on tapestry and weaving.

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Big thank you for your support in 2016 and looking ahead to an exciting 2017

I cannot express more how thank full I am for everyone’s support in 2016. It has been a very exciting journey for me and my work with many highlights.

Here are a selection of some highlights in 2016 and what’s in store for me in 2017.

Creating the bespoke coffee table for Ty Newydd, Llanystumdwy was a big challenge, and very much worth while. Looking forward to working with them again in 2017 and collaborating with Joe Roberts on an even bigger sculptural and functional project. Watch this space!

TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES!! My little workshop was a sea of trophies during June for Coleg Meirion Dwyfor’s end of year Student Awards. That was an honor for me to be asked to create 46 trophies for their ceremony. I also made some for local sporting events in my area too.


I was lucky enough to be selected for Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Made by Hand, Portmeirion Christmas fair and had a stall at the National Eisteddfod for the first time this year too.

I thoroughly enjoyed each show and they proved a huge success for me, I made some great friends and contacts. They were all exhausting in their own way but were well worth while to do and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

As a result of participating in GNCCF I am now listed on the craft council maker’s Directory. Here is a link to my page-

I have many exhibitions coming up in 2017.

The first one will be ‘IMPRINT’ with Elin Huws, my former art teacher at Plas Glyn y Weddw. I will be making some brand new Work for this exhibition as a homage to Elin’s work.  Here is a link and Full details to the exhibtion-

And here is a sneaky peek of what I will be exhibiting


Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2017 brings you Joy and Happiness.

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Lle i ngweld i a fy ngwaith- Ffeiriau Nadolig 2016/ Where to find me and my work- 2016 Christmas Fairs

Mae hi yr adeg prysur `na o`r flwyddyn eto, ac mae’r ledd bach wedi bod yn winias yn creu eich archebion Nadolig yn barod!

Os hoffech brynu gennyf tra fyddwch yn  crwydro o le i le fe welwch chi fi yn :-

Hwyl yr Wyl’ Plas Heli, Pwllheli  penwythnos yma 26/27ain o Dachwedd

Gwyl Fwyd a Chrefft Portmeirion- 2/3/4ydd Rhagfyr

Nant Gwrtheyrn- 9ed o Ragfyr.

Hefyd mae modd i chi archebu unrhyw ddarn o waith drwy’r siop ar fy ngwefan  neu brynu darnau o waith yn y galeriau canlynol :-

Plas Glyn y Weddw

Oriel Mostyn

Storiel, Bangor

Victoria Fern Gallery, Rhiwbina

Studio Vault




It’s that mad busy time of year again! And already the lathe has been red hot turning your Christmas orders!

If you wish to buy any of my products directly off me you will find me –

In my stall at ‘Hwyl yr Wyl’ PLAS HELI, Pwllheli this weekend 26th&27th November 10am start.

Portmeirion Food and Craft Fair- 2/3/4th December at Portmeirion

Nant Gwrtheyrn- 9th December.

You can also order any of my products on my Online Shop at my Website, or some of my work in these following galleries-

Plas Glyn y Weddw

Oriel Mostyn

Storiel, Bangor

Victoria Fern Gallery, Rhiwbina

Studio Vault