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Sioeau 2019 a datblygiadau cyffroes../ 2019 shows and exciting developments..

This year has been very busy. Over the past two years I have been doing a Pgce course and completed it in June.

I was fortunate to win a bursary off The Worshipful Company of Woodturners which allows me to develop my skills in woodturning through tuition with Les Symonds.

This has been a brilliant experience and given me the fire in my belly to develop new ideas and push my skills in woodturning and refine.

I’m currently preparing for my upcoming shows starting with The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in October 10th- 13th.

I will also be taking part in a new show this year ‘ Craft in the Pen’ Skipton 15th- 17th of November.

I also will have work at Oriel Ty Meirion for their upcoming exhibition ‘Fairytale and Folklore’ that runs from end of October to January. I will have a selection of bowls with old Welsh poetry about folk singing, reciting, and poetry.

I have started to develop a new product range in milking stools which are now up on the website. You can choose your own wood type and colours for these. You can check these out here-

I also have updated my colour chart, and have new colours for the multi thread vases.