Rope Necklaces

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Hand made wood turned necklace made from beech or sapele wood with cotton rope and thread inlay. available in any colour.


These necklaces have been inspired by the history of bobbins. Bobbins have been used traditionally for lace making, holding threads, yarns and are now also produced in other materials for electrical wire, with the same purpose, often to form the shape of the coil, and rid of kinks.

These statement wearables are ideal for brightening up a plain outfit. Made from Spalted Beech wood with coloured thread inlay.

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alga, aqua, colbalt blue, dark green, dark red, gold, grey, midnight, orchid, pink, plum, rasberry, saffron, violet, berry, Black, Blue, Bright Pink, Bright Purple, bronze, Brown, cherry, dark blue, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, dark teal, dusky pink, frosty blue, Green, hay, jade green, light grey, Lilac, lime green, mauve, mustard, Navy, Orange, pastel green, Purple, Red, Rose Pink, royal blue, rusty green, silver, Silver/Light Grey, Slate Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow