small “Rhodio” bowl


small  ‘Rhodio i  heddwch wrthyf f’hun neu gydag enaid hoff cytun’ bowl made from beech – couplet from poem by R Williams Parry

translated – “I’ll walk in peace on my own or with another soul”

diameter- 12cm

depth -4cm

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alga, aqua, colbalt blue, dark green, dark red, gold, grey, midnight, orchid, pink, plum, rasberry, saffron, violet, berry, Black, Blue, bronze, Brown, cherry, dark blue, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, dark teal, dusky pink, Green, hay, jade green, Lilac, mauve, mustard, Navy, Orange, pastel green, Purple, Red, Rose Pink, royal blue, silver, Slate Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow


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