“Rhodio i heddwch” bowl


only one in stock- one off unique bowl

diameter around -21cm

depth- 4cm


Hand made wood turned  bowl with couplet  from R Williams Parry poem.

Translation- ‘I’ll walk in peace on my own or with another soul’ etched on rim of wood.

Made from spalted beech wood.


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alga, aqua, colbalt blue, dark green, dark red, gold, grey, midnight, orchid, pink, plum, rasberry, saffron, violet, berry, Black, bronze, Brown, cherry, dark blue, Dark Grey, dark teal, dusky pink, Green, hay, jade green, Lilac, mauve, mustard, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Rose Pink, royal blue, silver, Slate Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow