‘Telyn Cymru’ Bowl


only one in stock. one off product. deep bowl

diameter- 22cm

depth- 6-7cm



Bowl  made from Splated Beech- with a poem found in old newspaper dated in 1908 by ‘Morlwyd’- Y Rhedegydd.

It was a tradition in Wales to write poetry to papers, a lot were anonymous or went by a another name or bardic name. It’s been nice to look through old newspapers and find lovely poetry written by people as a hobby.  Here is one of my favourite I found-

Translated-  from a poem called ‘Pennillion Telyn’ -Harp Verses.

This poem describes the joy of singing and reciting to the Welsh harp.


It’s easy and joyful to sing when the sun is shining, and no one ever tires of singing along with the old Welsh Harp.


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